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<td>WATCH: European far-right leaders rally against EU (2:32)</td>

You could also make the case that counter-narratives to the far-right are insufficiently reported. Redressing this might mean giving space to lives,cheap pandora earrings for sale, work and campaigns that challenge the arguments and appeal of the populist right - or it might be about amplifying positive political activities.

For instance,cheap pandora jewelry, when UK Labour MP Jo Cox was murdered by a far-right terrorist earlier this year,cheap pandora earrings, Guardian readers asked why they had not previously heard of this MP's tireless campaigning for her constituency, for Syria and for refugees.

This resulted in a piece about the?"unsung MPs quietly making Britain better". Of course politicians and governments should be held to account by the media,cheap pandora jewelry for sale, but if good work isn't reported,cheap pandora jewelry, it cements the idea that parliamentarians are ubiquitously self-serving and corrupt - something that the far-right has pounced upon and used as a part of its social diagnosis.


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war will not happen again. We are doing our best on the ground to help the people to overcome the consequences, but without a real protection for the people, we cannot talk about real recovery,cheap pandora earrings for sale, because the people are still so occupied and worried about the future.?

In Gaza you are talking about a restrictive siege,cheap pandora rings for sale, ongoing trauma, a chronic situation at all levels; this is one of the maintaining factors that the people will keep suffering from their situation.

When we talk about psychological intervention,cheap pandora charms for sale, we try to help the people and the community, but the situation in Gaza will not be healthy if we keep living in the same environment and the same situation. We have to talk about the political context here in Gaza.

There is no psychological well-being without real respect for human rights,cheap pandora bracelets for sale. And under the occupation,cheap pandora bracelets, all the time you are talking about human rights violations. The link between mental health and human rights issues is so strong,cheap pandora rings for sale.

We are doing our best

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. With its subtropical climate,cheap pandora charms, Sochi is not exactly an obvious choice?for a winter sports venue in such a cold country as Russia. But bringing the Olympics to the restive North Caucasus region is designed as yet another show of confidence. Putin wants the world to know that he is in control and that the discourse of war and instability in the region is long outdated.

Disrupting the Olympics

Except it is not,cheap pandora earrings, which the Volgograd bombings brutally confirmed. When back in July,cheap pandora jewelry for sale, Chechen jihadist leader Doku Umarov pledged that his militants would disrupt?the Sochi Olympics, ,?it ?was hardly noticed by the Russian public. The last major attack on civilian targets outside the North Caucasus had occurred almost three years ago,cheap pandora bracelets for sale, when a suicide bomber blew himself up at Moscow's Domodedovo airport.

After that,cheap pandora bracelets, there was a lull during which the view prevailed that North Caucasus militants lack sufficient funds and manpower to stage attacks outside their patch. While Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov - former rebel and Putin's protege who rules the republic with an iron

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sans-serif, ; font-size: 14px;">Ahmed speculated that the Brotherhood would lose both of these legal battles.?"All the judiciary is politicised now,cheap pandora bracelets, and it's leaning towards eliminating the Muslim Brotherhood," he said.

The Brotherhood's current position marks a stark reversal of fortunes: Just a few months ago, the group was the most powerful political organisation in Egypt, having won a string of elections, and was supported by the president himself.

But now, ousted President Mohamed Morsi is being held in an undisclosed location,cheap pandora charms for sale, and has been referred to trial on charges of murder,cheap pandora bracelets, attempted murder and inciting violence during clashes at the presidential palace on December 5, , 2012.?Around 2,cheap pandora rings for sale,000 members of the Muslim Brotherhood have been arrested, and most of the group's leaders are either behind bars or on the run.


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Exactly one hundred years ago today, in the evening of October 25, 1917, , the Winter Palace in Petrograd (today's St Petersburg) was stormed. This event marked the beginning of the Great October Revolution, one of the most significant political events of the twentieth century that shaped the course of history for decades ahead.

Leading up to the events of October 25 was another revolution in late February 1917, which brought to power a group of leaders from bourgeois political parties that formed a provisional government headed initially by Georgy Lvov, a liberal reformer, and then by Aleksander Kerensky,cheap pandora charms, a socialist. In early March of that year Tsar Nicholas II,cheap pandora bracelets, who had ruled imperial Russia since 1894, abdicated. Five months later, Russia was pronounced a republic.

Although the provisional government did introduce some reforms on the political front,cheap pandora jewelry for sale, prompting even Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin to declare Russia in April 1917 "the freest country in the world",cheap pandora rings, it was the Red October Revolution that turned the old order completely upside down by inaugurating a socialist regime and making Soviet-style communism a global ideological and political force that lasted until the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the subsequent

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