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LGBT people "are citizens who have the right to be protected in this dignified nation",cheap jordans free shipping, Pandjaitan said. "Don't be quick to judge people. We must reflect on ourselves first because we cannot guarantee it will not happen to your children and grandchildren in the future."

Homosexuality is not illegal in Indonesia,jordans for cheap, but is a sensitive issue in the Muslim-majority nation of more than 250 million people. Official responses range from calls for tolerance to outright condemnation. At the same time, most of Indonesian society, , which follows a moderate form of Islam, is tolerant,cheap jordans for sale, with gay and transsexual entertainers often appearing on television shows.

Ismail Cawidu, the information and communication ministry spokesman, said on Thursday that social media and messaging platforms should drop stickers expressing support for the LGBT community.

"Social media must respect the culture and local wisdom of the country where they have large numbers of users," he said.

READ MORE: Unmarried couples caned in Indonesia's Aceh

Line on Tuesday said it had removed all LGBT-related stickers from its local store after receiving complaints from Indonesian users,cheap real jordans. Twitter and Facebook had exploded with

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the bar benefits from it.

The one cocktail I would not order again was the Firebird ($10). Once again,cheap jordan shoes, the long-winded description drew me in: Scorpion aged mezcal, , El Jimador silver tequila, Vya sweet vermouth and Hum Botanical Spirit (an intense crimson-colored liqueur made with kaffir lime, hibiscus, ginger and galangal). It's finished with a bourbon-smoked sea salt rim. It seemed like a lot to take in, but the cocktail was single-handedly dominated by the smoky mezcal flavor. Some recommend drinking mezcal neat to appreciate its bold flavor, and the Firebird seemed like further evidence as to why. At the bar,cheap air jordan shoes, Clementine stays true to its brand of choosing each component thoughtfully,cheap jordans free shipping, but that cannot save every drink alone. With such an intriguing flavor profile on paper, the Firebird disappointed because it was stuck on one note.

Naturally, not every cocktail will work for each palate, or perhaps the mixture of Firebird ingredients was a bit off for my order. Either way, the misstep did not cloud my ultimate judgment of Clementine. It has earned its fandom throughout the city, just as it did the recognition of cable TV. When you stay true to your principles - bold flavors, high-quality ingredients, well-trained staff and a penchant for taking risks - loyal customers (and in this case,cheap real jordans, cameras) often follow.

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Election officials have started counting votes in a Syrian presidential election expected to deliver an overwhelming victory for,cheap jordans free shipping?President Bashar al-Assad but which his opponents have called a charade?

State-run media reported that voting closed at midnight on Tuesday and that officials began the process of checking the number of votes against lists of registered voters to ensure the numbers matched,cheap air jordans.

The poll was the first election in Syria for nearly 50 years,cheap jordans, though Assad and his father Hafez have previously renewed their mandates in referendums.

Rebel fighters,cheap jordans online, the political opposition in exile, Western?powers and Gulf Arabs say no credible vote can be held in a country where swathes of territory are outside state control and?millions have been displaced by conflict.

State television said voting had been extended for five hours past the original deadline "because of the massive influx of voters".

Voting only took place in government-controlled territories, meaning those displaced by fighting or living in rebel-held areas were unable to take part.

The opposition dismissed the vote as a "farce" that would prolong the country's three-year conflict.?The vote excluded regime opponents from

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revealed and why they felt there were no alternate avenues for reform or recrimination,cheap jordans free shipping.?

When America was attacked, it responded by attacking itself. On September 11, 2001, Al Qaeda attempted to bring the US down, and failed. Instead,cheap jordans for sale, we nearly did the job ourselves, through a decade of botched warfare and economic malfeasance.?

In Wikileaks,cheap jordan shoes, we see a similar phenomenon. In a 2006 manifesto, Julian Assange wrote that leaking classified information would create paranoia and fear, leading to government panic and loss of state power. Officials are behaving as he anticipated, using extreme tactics - such as the UK's nine-hour detention of David Miranda, the partner of Snowden supporter Glenn Greenwald - to curb perceived abuse.?

Defenders of these harsh, self-defeating tactics justify them by saying they are "technically legal"?- much like NSA surveillance may be technically legal,cheap jordans for sale, and the Manning leaks are technically illegal.?

But responding to Manning with a simple "She broke the law",cheap air jordan shoes; negates the role of justice. What does it mean when those who expose war crimes are treated more harshly than those who perpetrate them - or those who manipulate the law to justify them?

One does

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more popular, he said. "Bigger brand names don't sell as well as the small, craft stuff," he said. "People like the fact that it's local, it's brand new,, they've never had it before." A single malt whiskey by Baltimore-based Old Line Distillery and the rye whiskey by Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank's Sagamore Spirit have both been popular lately,, Lubliner-Walters said. Lubliner-Walters most likes helping customers pick the perfect bottle for their at-home date night or gathering of friends, "as cheesy as that sounds," he said. "Being able to help them — it feels good," he added. Prior to Canton Crossing Wine & Spirits, Lubliner-Walters worked for about seven years as an assistant manager and beer buyer at Quarry Wine and Spirits. Before that he taught guitar and performed at bars, including one once owned by Fishman. With many years in the wine and beer business, plus a personal passion for trying new wines, Lubliner-Walters is full of recommendations. Here's a freebie in the spirit of holiday giving: Cava, the Spanish answer to Champagne. The taste is similar to the French sparkling wine, but while an authentic bottle of bubbly will cost you at least $30, , Cava goes for $10.99. "It'll do the job," Lubliner-Walters said. : running,cheap air jordans, biking, spending time with family Aaron Lubliner-Walters Position : general manager,air jordan shoes for cheap, Canton Crossing
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