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2,800, ,000

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Total scheduled principal payments

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$     5,000,567

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Joint venture debt obligations


We have three unconsolidated affiliates with long-term debt obligations. The following table shows (i) our ownership interest in each entity at December 31, 2005, (ii) total debt of each unconsolidated

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Morse contends Al Jazeera America “acted appropriately and properly in its interactions with Mr. Gupta at all times, and Mr. Anstey has worked tirelessly to ensure that all employees were treated fairly during their employment since he came on board last year.”

Al Jazeera plans to shift focus to a “global online strategy” throughout the year.


Al Jazeera America is dead: Network goes dark

Al Jazeera cuts guest’s Muhammad criticism The homosexual pastor accusing a Whole Foods Market baker of writing a slur on his “Love Wins” cake was sued for defaulting on college loans just six weeks ago. Proudly display your faith with a CHRISTIAN LIVES MATTER bumper sticker from the WND Superstore! Jordan Brown of the Church of Open Doors in Austin,cheap air jordans, Texas,cheap air jordans, <...>

A homosexual pastor from Austin, Texas, claims a baker at Whole Foods added a slur to his "Love Wins" cake. The company denies the allegation and plans on filing a counter-lawsuit (Photo: KXAN-6 screenshot)

A homosexual pastor from Austin,cheap jordans for sale, Texas,online air jordan, claims a baker at Whole Foods added a slur to his “Love Wins” cake. The company denies the allegation and plans on filing a counter lawsuit (Photo: KXAN-6 screenshot)

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<div data-track-object='{"title":"Meet the top paid CEOs in St. Louis",cheap jordans online,"url":"/business/local/meet-the-top-paid-ceos-in-st-lo uis/collection_9b62f3c0-7433-5b38-b177-a8437677936c.
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As Inspector Renault pockets his winnings from the gambling tables, he orders “Rick’s Place” closed. When Humphrey Bogart’s character, Rick, protests, Renault (Claude Raines) exclaims loudly, “I’m shocked,cheap air jordans, shocked, to find that gambling is going on in here.”

The Democrats are shocked, shocked to find that Rush Limbaugh doesn’t want the socialist agenda of the most liberal president in American history to succeed. Shocked, , I say!

It isn’t that Rush Limbaugh’s comments need defending – they don’t. America is not a monarchy or a dictatorship. We still have freedom of speech – at least, for the time being. What American president in our history has been above criticism?

America is a constitutional republic, not a socialist democracy. Obama has made no secret of his desire to advance socialist democratic principles. So he and his cohorts should expect vigorous objections from those who know and believe in the U.S. Constitution.

I don’t want to see Obama succeed in turning America into a socialist worker’s paradise,cheap retro jordans, either. Socialism has been proven wrong in every place it has been tried.

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The president is not the State, . Wanting Obama to fail is not the same as wanting America to fail. Indeed, from Rush Limbaugh’s perspective,cheap jordans, it is the equivalent of wanting America to succeed.

The outrage being ginned up by the Democrats is therefore phony on its face. It would be ridiculous to the point of humorous if it weren’t so revealing.

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