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Golden Goose Superstar "I am so lucky to present a film I really care about," ANGELINA JOLIE told PEOPLE of promoting A Mighty Heart. At the premiere (right), she and BRAD PITT joined MARIANE PEARL, whom Jolie plays, and Pearl's son ADAM. Jolie said Cannes was also "a vacation for the children. It is a beautiful place."

During Cannes' 60th anniversary May 16-27, Pitt (in a Tom Ford tux) and Jolie (in Vintage Balmain from Decades) parted the red carpet at the A Mighty Heart premiere. The tattoo on Jolie's left arm? Coordinates for the birthplaces of her four kids, including newest son Pax.

JULIANNE MOORE"Cannes is everything everyone says it is: absolutely beautiful," said Moore (in Yves Saint Laurent), who came for her Savage Grace premiere. "There is a real sense of excitement."

Each year the festival draws more than 22,000 visitors. "It's more Hollywood than Hollywood," said Eva Herzigova.

JERRY'S BEE BOPIn town to promote his animated film Bee Movie (set for release November 2007) JERRY SEINFELD helped get the festival started on May 17 by descending from the roof of the Carlton hotel in full bee regalia (top). "He is a Jedi master when it comes to comedy," says his Bee costar CHRIS ROCK, "but I don't know if that was a master stroke."

Golden Goose Sneakers Sale AISHWARYA RAI, KERRY WASHINGTON, GONG LI & ANDIE MACDOWELLTour de Force: In town on behalf of L'Oreal, the fantastic four made a grand and glamorous entrance at the May 16 festival kickoff.

JUDE LAW & NORAH JONESThe costars, both Cannes newbies, opened the festival with the premiere of their film My Blueberry Nights.

HELEN MIRRENWearing a chiffon Elie Saab dress, the Oscar winner held court at the Chacun Son Cinema premiere.

YO, ADRIAN!Sometimes life really does imitate art. While in Cannes ADRIAN GRENIER, who plays pampered movie star Vince Chase on HBO's Entourage, lived large aboard the Budweiser Select yacht. "They've been tending to me hand and foot, completely spoiling me," said Grenier. "I haven't been to bed before 5 a.m. Vince would be proud!" At Cannes to shoot an episode of Entourage, Grenier said he would soon be joined by his castmates ... but not on the yacht. "They will have to find their own beds," he said. "There will be no cuddling."

JAKE GYLLENHAAL & CHLOE SEVIGNYZodiac stars Gyllenhaal and Sevigny (in Balenciaga) were among the first stars to hit the red carpet at the fest.

JESSICA SIMPSONPromoting her upcoming Major Movie Star, Simpson (in Herv茅 L茅ger) told People, "There's no other way to party at Cannes!"

LEONARDO DICAPRIODiCaprio lost his luggage, but located it in time to arrive suitably attired at the premiere of No Country for Old Men.

KURT RUSSELL& GOLDIE HAWNSoaking in the scene along the Riviera, the couple attended a yacht party on May 22.


Preparing for the Cannes premiere of Death Proof, the actress e-mailed PEOPLE as she got fitted for her gown, checked out jewelry and applied numerous Band-Aids. (Beauty ain't pretty.)

May 15, 4:30 P.M.Fitting at Dolce & Gabbana in Beverly Hills"Very, very pleased. They are Mr. Dolce and Mr. Gabbana, after all, and they always turn it out."

MAY 21, 4 P.M.Landing in Cannes"Delirious! Tonight I'll be going to a big party on one of the biggest yachts in the world. Not going to lie鈥擨'm really nervous about tomorrow night!"

MAY 22, 7 P.M.Prepping at the Carlton hotel"Just picked out the jewels I'm wearing. Chopard. Stunning, if I do say so myself. I also put Band-Aids on each toe before I even put on my evening shoes."

MAY 22, 10:30 P.M.Heading to the Death Proof premiere"I step outside my hotel, and there are photographers yelling. It's cute hearing my name in a French accent. Tr猫s magnifique !" See more photos from the South of France! Go to PEOPLE.COM/CANNESPICS

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initiative would require immediate parole hearings for 1,cheap pandora bracelets,300 inmates, about half of whom are likely to be released earlier. Additionally, the legislative analyst projects that about 7,cheap pandora jewelry,500 new convicts each year could seek reduced sentences. They could be considered for release about 18 months into a typical two-year sentence. Newman referred to San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis to counter criticism from other prosecutors. But she,cheap pandora rings for sale, too,cheap pandora rings for sale, expressed reservations in a statement, after declining an interview. "Nothing is perfect, and there are clearly some issues and language that need to be addressed," Dumanis said. Dumanis, a Republican and the sole district attorney to publicly support the governor's plan, praised another part of the ballot measure that would give corrections officials broad authority to award sentencing credits, including to inmates convicted of violent crimes, if they complete rehabilitation programs. The initiative would require judges instead of prosecutors to decide if juveniles should be tried in adult court. The group Chief Probation Officers of California also supports the measure,cheap pandora bracelets, as an incentive for inmates who work to improve themselves behind bars. "I do think overwhelmingly it will be used with what we all agree will be nonviolent offenders," Loyola Law School professor Laurie Levenson said. "We have to take some risk,cheap pandora charms for sale, otherwise we'll never have any reform. The real question here is, 'Are we taking too much risk
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reason that if Nowitzki were to take a moment to reminisce, his playmaking point guard would come to mind as he prepares to join a list that includes Kareem Abdul-Jabbar,cheap pandora earrings, Karl Malone,cheap pandora bracelets, Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain. Not only did the Mavericks lack a practice facility that was theirs exclusively in the late 1990s, Nowitzki said they didn't have catering after games or even food after practice. That's why he and Nash had their favorite hangout ― the Loon. "We had to go to Chipotle after practice every other day,cheap pandora bracelets," he said. "And after games,cheap pandora jewelry, everything was closed so we'd hit the Loon for a chicken sandwich or a burger and a beer for recovery. You can get away with a lot of things when you're young." Nowitzki and Nash separated before achieving their greatest successes. Nash went to Phoenix as a free agent and won consecutive MVPs in 2005-06. Nowitzki took it the next year after beating Nash and the Suns the previous season for his first trip to the NBA Finals. Dallas lost to Miami in that 2006 series, but beat LeBron James and the Heat five years later for the franchise's only title. That's the first thing Miami coach Erik Spoelstra thinks of when asked about Nowitzki and the looming milestone. "What else do you need to accomplish in this league?" Spoelstra asked. "In the toughest,cheap pandora jewelry, most pressured moments, he played his best. His game is timeless. When he's playing anybody but us,cheap pandora rings for sale, I like throwing the game on and seeing Nowitzki play." Once
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PLYMOUTH,cheap pandora jewelry, Vermont (AP) — Al Davis Jr. cracks a smile as he spots a speck of gold glittering in a plastic pan full of muck pulled from a Vermont brook,cheap pandora charms for sale, revealing a gold tooth made from some earlier finds. Davis,cheap pandora jewelry, decked in waders and wearing a hat festooned with a tiny bottle filled with gold flakes, is part of a community of prospectors who number around 3,000 in New England. Often equipped with little more than a shovel and a pan,cheap pandora bracelets, they can be found knee-deep in streams and rivers on most summer weekends in places like Plymouth; Byron, Maine; and Bath, New Hampshire. "There is something magical about it. You always keep coming out because you want to see if you can beat the one you got," said Davis, who has been mining for nearly half a century. "Can I get one a little bigger?" But these days,cheap pandora bracelets, the rivers Davis and other aging prospectors once had to themselves are getting more crowded,cheap pandora bracelets for sale, they say, as a younger generation of miners in the Northeast and Pacific Northwest gives prospecting a try. Old-timers are seeing new clubs on Facebook and people taking gold mining classes. Some newbies are turning to mechanized mining means, raising environmentalists' hackles. Miners attribute the growth to people seeking more solace in the outdoors, to shows like "Gold Rush" and "Yukon Gold" that make mining seem adventurous and profitable, and to history buffs who want to trace the Appalachian gold belt, which stretches from South Carolina to Nova Scotia
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